BLUELOGY offers water-repellent finish onto garment product or textile goods. It means that you can change your shirts, pants or your curtain not to get wet. BLUELOGY is verified as the environmental friendly technology and is proved not harmful to human bodies.

WGT (Water Glide Technology)

WGT stands for Water Glide Technology, which means new technology lets water drops glide on the surface where this technology applied. It is a unique and proprietary technology which gives water repellency to textile products with ultra-hydrophobic coatings on the yarns which consist the texture of the fabric.

HMCS (Hydrophobic Material Convergence Science & Engineering)

Among HMCS, there are hydrophobic basic technologies that can control the degree of hydrophobicity such as high-hydrophobic and hydrophobic in Ultra-Hydrophobic, and application technology that fuses hydrophobic on the surface of organic compound or inorganic compound.





WGT processed products can be machine washed using general detergents, but they are not easily wetted or contaminated, so you can simply wash them in flowing water and wash them off with the remaining water drops. WGT processed products do not require detergents and fabric softeners so reduce water consumption and environmental pollution.


WGT processing does not use PFC (perfluorinated compound), which is a global issue, and is harmless to environment pollution and human body. PFC is used as general water-repellent solvent produced in many companies. However, the WGT did not detect all 34 species of perfluorinated compounds in the SGS test. In addition, it has not been detected any arylamine (azo series) or formaldehyde, and its pH acidity test result has been proved to be a stable neutral component.

Extensive Use & Machinability

WGT can be applied to the state of finished products or semi-finished products that have already been sewn as well as fabrics, due to the technical principle and innovation of the processing process, compared with the existing similar technology that was only applicable to 2D fabrics. As a result, it is also possible to rework the products that were used as well as new products. WGT boasts a wide range of versatility that can be applied to synthetic fibers as well as natural fibers, fur, leather, silk, and interior decorations.

Durability & Resilience

WGT processed products have maintained water-repellent function more than 90% in 20 consecutive washings based on the certificate, compared to the water-repellent function which is remarkably lowered when washing several times. We have also confirmed that water repellency is at least 4th grade in the third party standard.
In general, water-repellent coatings have physical limitations that deteriorate their performance due to abrasion and friction. Existing similar technology has a limitation of processing technology, and when high temperature or ironing is applied, problems such as disappearing of water-repellent force or deformation of shape are caused.
Even if water repellency is deteriorated due to repetitive-use and washing, WGT has heat-stability that restores water-repellent performance when heated by general ironing or hair dryer, and has durability against high heat.

Short-circuit Protection

BLUELOGY's HMCS is a technology that can regulate the degree of water-repellent and give hydrophobic power to Conductive Threads. This is a powerful solution to prevent the short-circuiting of the world-problem Conductive Threads. Experiments in the 240 hours wet chamber demonstrate that the electrical resistance of the water repellent material does not change.

Safety Test

Perfluorinated compounds: 34 kinds of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) Not detected
CEM/TS 15968:2010 HPLC/MS

Arylamine content: good, not detected
KS K 0147: 2008, KS K 0734: 2007, B & C: KS K 0147: 2008
Infant / children's textile products, underwear / middle-class, outer clothing / bedding material acceptance standard: less than 30mg / Kg

Hydrogen ion (pH) concentration index; Good, within the normal range of 6.4 to 6.5
KS K ISO 3071: 2009
Children's textile products, underwear / middleware Standard: 4.0~7.5
Exterior Clothes / Bedding Reference: 4.0 ~ 9.0

Formaldehyde (distilled water extraction method): good, not detected
KS K ISO 14184-1: 2009
Acceptance criteria for infant textile products: less than 20mg / Kg
Children's textiles / undergarments / herbals Criteria for acceptance: Less than 75mg / Kg
Acceptance criteria for outer clothing / bedding: Less than 30mg / Kg


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