Q. Please tell me the differences between water repellent and waterproof

A. [Water repellent]

Water repellent is a function that bounces off water and allows air to pass through as the liquid drips down the fabric surface. Water repellent is made by applying a water repellent coating on the surface of the fabric or the yarn constituting the fabric. Due to this coating processing, even if the liquid falls on the fabric, it becomes a round shape that rolls down, so the fabric does not get wet easily. Basically it's about bouncing small amounts of water, so if the amount of water is large, water is permeated or the water repellent effect can be weakens.


Waterproof function is a function that blocks the air and water can not pass through the fabric. Like raincoat and waterproof case, it totally block moisture permeation even in strong rain. (Depending on the product, seam, sewing thread, zipper can not be processed. In those cases, water can permeate in non-processed parts.) Waterproof fabric gets moisture inside the fabric when the water comes in contact with the surface. 

Water repellent and waterproof are not permanent functions. Water repellent loses its function when coating comes off and waterproof loses its function when fabric is worn away or heated. To use it for a long time, manage it regularly.


Q. How to care water repellent processed clothes?

A. The performance of water repellent product is degraded by dust, sweat, sebum(especially sleeves, lapels) and friction. After uses, remove contamination as soon as possible and keep it in well-ventilated place.


Q. What are the features of TFJ GLOBAL's water repellent?

A. Our processed products do not get wet but they maintain their permeability so that people can wear them comfortably. Also, there is no concern about bad smell because sweat releases and the inside of product does not get wet.


Q. Water repellent product gets dirty. Can I wash it?

A. The product has an anti fouling treatment to prevent external contamination. Contamination is prevented on both inside and outside of the product. If contaminants get on on the product, it can be simply removed by sprinkling water with a shower head without rubbing or washing.  There is no need for extra washes. But still when you do washes, 1 rinse and 3 minutes dehydration without any detergent or fabric softener is enough. Tumble dry is recommended to maintain water repellency.


Q. How do I get rid of oil contamination? (Oil repellent)

A. Our technology is not an oil repellent process so special attention for oil is needed. If oil (oily contaminants) is on the product, do not rub it and wash it in a general washing machine with neutral detergent. If stains remain, they can be somewhat lightened by ironing.


Q. Water repellency is impaired. Is it a defective product?

A. Water repellent and waterproof are not permanent functions. Deterioration can be happened by time, friction and abrasion. However, sinceTFJ GLOBAL's water repellent technology has 'heat resilience', up to 80% of water repellency can be restored by ironing at appropriate temperature.


Q. Please tell me the precautions for sample production request. 

A. We do water repellent using eco-friendly water repellents and cross linking agents. For requesting fabric and finished products, please don't apply softener, resin processing, silicone processing, paraffin processing, water repellent processing, waterproof processing, oil repellent processing, PU coating and membrane processing. There is a possibility of environmentally hazardous substances colliding with our chemicals. Please deliver to your producers the exclusion of these processed before producing your samples. If the sample product is processed above, there is need to remove processing. In the process, the product may be damaged, the perfect water repellent performance may not be obtained, or partial staining may occur. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any problems that occur during the removal of the requested sample. 


Q. I would like to know availability of requested product processing and the price of processing.

A. Requested samples will arrive at us, check with naked eyes and determine whether or not to process. If it is determined that processing is possible, we can ship the processed product within two weeks. The approximate processing cost can be guided after the product is confirmed, but the exact processing fee is charged after the sample is produced. To request samples, the finished product requires three pieces of the same product, and the fabric requires more than 1.5 meters per color. For perfect water repellent performance, we do test at our production plant. Please provide a generous sample. Sample production costs are charged at approximately 10 times the unit price applied in this production. (If this leads to production, the sample charge will be excluded from the total production cost.)


Q. How to manage sweating when product has water repellent function?

A. Water repellent let air through and bounce off water. The sweat released by the body's moving force exhausts out of the fabric Through the air holes in the fabric.