WGT (Water Glide Technology)

WGT is an abbreviation of Water Glide Technology, which is a new technology that has created the phenomenon of water droplets falling.

WGT processing is a new and progressive achievement that utilizes the inherent super-hydrophobic through a breakthrough in the existing technology of coating on the surface of two-dimensional fabrics.

WGT water-repellent solvent of eco-friendly material penetrates deeply into Fiber or Filament unit constituting the yarn of fabric through twisting so that nano scale three-dimensional water repellent coating forms a structure where Nano surface surrounds layers of Fiber or Filament three-dimensionally. You can see it in the SEM pictures below.

Breathability of the existing fabric is maintained because it is a fine nano water-repellent coating made in Fiber or Filament area that is finer than yarn forming the fabric. In addition, the processing technology of these fine units has excellent water-repellent durability. One or two droplets of water will float on the surface. In this case, the average contact angle is 139.84°. It is a photograph of the contact angle test during the joint research with our partner LG INNOTEK, and the still image of the droplet which can be observed from the surface of the processed fabric.

WGT protects the moisture permeability and air permeability of the fabric itself by giving a water repellent function through 3D coating of the yarn constituting the fabric.

Like the image on the left, it keeps a water bottle shape while it is waterproof until the fabric reaches a certain pressure, but when it exceeds the threshold, water penetrates like a fountain through an aperture.